Are you Gas Safety Compliant?

Are you Gas Safety Compliant?

Under Part F of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, social housing landlords are required to arrange an annual safety check of gas appliances and pipework. Unfortunately many landlords, local authorities and housing associations find some tenants, for a variety of reasons, difficult to arrange access, despite the checks being a potentially lifesaving necessity.


Sangamo have developed a range of Choice Heating Programmers with a service interval function, which is designed as a supplementary aid to assist landlords in alerting their tenants that a service is due.


On installation or service the heating engineer sets a service date up to 400 days in the future. 28 days prior to the service due date the display will show a warning sign (SEr dUE dXX (XX showing the countdown in days)) that a Service is Due and the number of days counting down. With 7 days to go the backlight on the unit also flashes. This allows the tenant to, ideally, respond to the social landlord who should already be trying to contact them. Alternatively the tenant can call the number shown on the contact label fixed to their programmer.


If no service takes place and the countdown reaches zero the programmer will then enter one of two modes;


  • Total Shutdown prevents the boiler from providing any hot water or heating, all buttons on the programmer lock and a message ‘OFF Ser Due’ is displayed on the LCD screen.


  • Alternatively a Partial Shutdown can be set, during which heating and hot water will be supplied for a random 15 minute period for each programmed hour. A message ’15 Run Ser Due’ shows on the display. All buttons are locked but it allows the tenant access to limited hot water and heating until the service takes place.


During the boiler service the heating engineer can reset the unit and set the next service date. To maintain the integrity of the feature, the exact instructions on how to do this can only be supplied to a Gas Safe Registered Engineer by providing their Gas Safe Engineer ID which will be checked against the database and instructions sent to their registered email address.


The Sangamo range of programmers for timed heating and hot water control also offer feature rich, adaptable programming options with a fresh modern design to suit any home. Each model can be selected between 24 hour, 5/2 day or 7 day programming, 3-in-1 options to adapt to each home. Automatic Summer/Winter time change, 1,2 & 3 hour boost periods and a Holiday Mode to save energy when heating isn’t required give a product that you can depend on.


The single channel Choice PR1si is designed primarily for timed, simultaneous control of heating and hot water. Ideal for use with a combination, or combi, boiler. The PR1si also has a Volt Free Contact.


The 2 channel Choice PR2si is designed for separate control of heating and stored hot water. The programs are independent of one another giving the opportunity to control usage in the most energy efficient manner possible.


The 3 channel Choice PR3si offers independent control of two separate heating zones as well as hot water storage. The multi-channel capabilities allow Social Landlords to comply with Part L of the building regulations (Part J in Scotland and Part F in Northern Ireland) for dwellings over 150m².


As with all their products, these Service Interval Programmers are backed up by Sangamo’s Five-Year Guarantee giving you peace of mind that there won’t be multiple costly call outs after installation.

This article first appeared in the Mar 2017 Edition of HA Magazine.

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  • Gary Black