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Efficiency In The Palm Of Your Hand

Efficiency In The Palm Of Your Hand

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a low powered wireless communication technology that allows devices to exchange information from just a few centimetres away. There’s a good chance you have already used NFC yourself, maybe without even realising it.

If you’ve used;

  • touch-and-go travel cards like the London Underground’s Oyster Card
  • a contactless bank card to tap on a card reader
  • used Apple Pay or Google Wallet to make a purchase in a shop
  • used Nintendo Amiibo or Lego Dimensions physical toys to interact with computer games

…then you certainly have, all these utilise NFC technology to transfer data.

Time switch manufacturer Sangamo, well known for their Round Pattern Time Switch (RPTS) range that they’ve made in the UK for over 65 years, have a new range of DIN rail mounted digital time switches that include NFC capability.